How To Have a Creative Wedding & Be a Bold Bride. Express Yo-self!

By now, we all know the script. The blushing bride, all dressed in white, walks arm-in-arm with her father down the aisle while “Canon in D” plays. But what if that’s not you? What if you want to wear a dress that’s (GASP!) not white? Or walk down the aisle to an acoustic version of Bob Marley’s “One Love”? Or skip the fancy country club reception and meet your partner in a teepee instead, your loved ones lounging on beautiful blankets in an open field? Or maybe you’re not ready to throw out the ENTIRE rulebook—but you ARE willing to shake things up in order to guarantee that your day authentically (and joyously!) expresses who you are and the love you celebrate. Not sure how to make  this happen? I suggest you keep reading to learn how to have a creative wedding …

We’ve all been to a wedding and left thinking that, although the event was lovely, it didn’t really seem like the style you saw fit the couple. Usually, this happens for one of the following reasons:

  1. The bride literally has no clue, has never thought about it, and doesn’t even have a Pinterest account or know what Style Me Pretty is. #bless
  2. The bride is obsessed with ideas on Pinterest, but doesn’t have the confidence she needs to make them work for herself.
  3. The mothers of the couple are a broken record titled, “This is How It’s Supposed to be Done.” (Ugh, boring!)
  4. The bride that fears someone will judge her “out of the box” ideas. (Well guess what? That someone shouldn’t be at your wedding then! But I digress).

As a Flower Child bride, my goal is that you and your partner have the freedom to do whatever makes you come alive, and expresses who you are. Let’s see if you can identify what that is, and learn how to have a creative wedding!

  1. What could potentially get in the way of having the wedding of your dreams? Be honest and get straight with yourself, even if it’s easier to avoid. HINT: Ask yourself what traits you are possessing that have you continuing to not let loose and be free. Is it fear, nervousness, not wanting to let someone down, anxiety about being judged, someone thinking your idea is a joke? (Write this down)
  2. I ask you to be really really honest with yourself on this part. Picture yourself the day after your wedding, knowing you didn’t have exactly the type of event you really wanted. How is it? What are your thoughts and feelings? HINT: Are you disappointed, sad, resentful, pissed off, dissatisfied? Are you mad at yourself for selling short? (Write this down)
  3. Now that you’ve identified areas where you may struggle in the planning process, you can start to dream about what could be instead. Think about your best self—who do you strive to be? How would you describe the you that is unafraid, unapologetic, and fully alive? Are you courageous, enlivened, ecstatic, creative, kind, fun, ballsy, adventurous, etc.? Choose three adjectives that light you up! (Write this down)
  4. PLUG IT IN: As I create the best day of my life, I will be ________________, ________________, and ________________!
  5. Now, what new possibilities do you see? (Write this down – and SHARE in the comment section please!)
  6. BONUS: Keep this present for yourself! Write it down, make it your phone background, share it with others so they hold you accountable. Hell, put it on your mirror so you can read it 100 times while you brush your teeth!

With this newfound sense of confidence and purpose you can now start to peel away at the things that are in your way and keeping you from being your full creative self!

LAST STEP: Go create your dream wedding that fully expresses you and your partner!  #yogmo – You Only Get Married Once… Yes, I just did that. Blog-signature

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