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Americana Wedding: Peace, Love, & Freedom

Up next from our Free Spirit Farm photoshoot with Stacey Bode Photography, Grace Armas Hair and Makeup, and Jimi Fisco films, we bring you Americana Wedding: Peace, Love, and Freedom, an ode to Americana culture and to the free spirited American flower child.

And on this day, Memorial Day 2015, we remember all of the sacrifices that our brave men and woman make every day so that we can have the right to our own peace, love, and freedom.

A farm setting, a beautiful couple (thank you Laurel and Endre Cseley), a majestic white horse, and some red, white, and blue handmade decor all made this inspired Americana Wedding look come together in the most seamless (and American) way. Get your hands on our handmade headpieces in our Etsy Store: PeaceLoveShoppe. Thank you to Lion’s Thread for the very cool Americana bow tie.

In case you missed it, click here to view the amazing Free Spirit Farm behind the scenes film!

Stay tuned for our Equestrian Gypsy Bridesmaids look next!

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